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Natural and Cultural Wonders of Mediterranean...

Week Yacht Charters

Stretching from the Gulf of Naples to the Gulf of Salerno, the Amalfi Coast is officially recognised as the perfect stretch of coast. Considered by UNESCO as an “outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape”, the Amalfi Coast has become a hugely popular destination for visiting super yachts, together with luxury resorts, boutique shops and fine dining restaurants popping up in recent years to accommodate the new Flow of visitors with a weakness for beautiful things.

This combined with the scenery of perfect cities surrounded by dense green forests and churches perched on high cliffs rising from an stunningly blue sea, it is one of the best place to experience an Italian yacht charter. Even as a luxury destination, the area has retained its local charm and traditions in true Italian style, with pastel coloured houses and cobbled streets of the historic center immersed in the Mediterranean landscape as ever. A luxury yacht cruise is the perfect way to appreciate the balance between traditional beauty and modern abundance of the Amalfi Coast.

The stunning coastline features fjords framed by steep marine rocky cliffs with some of the best views you have indubitably captured from your private yacht charter. You may begin your yacht adventure on the Amalfi Coast in vibrant Naples and experience archetypal raw Italy: the theatre, the pizza, the energy and the people. Admire the largest historical center in Europe and applaud the outstanding architecture all around. The town chapel is sketched, and the region's volcanic soils have blessed the Amalfi Coast with abundant local produce and fine wines. Whatever your desire - classic Neapolitan pizza, coffee, street snacks, sweets or fresh fish - you will find it here to an excellent quality.


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