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Full Day

Ideal for full day or during week yacht charter.

Departing from Porto Cervo, Poltu Quatu, Cannigione or from your favourite hotel positioned close to the mentioned areas of home ports. This excursion heads towards to South part of Corsica and moves on to different islands. Our first suggestion is Lavezzi. Island of Lavezzi is located in the center of the Strait of Bonifacio. This area was one of the first marine reserves to be established in Corsica. Next is the Island of Cavallo, which is inhabited and has a small port, despite being part of the Strait of Bonifacio’s protected marine area. Next suggested stop is a must visit paradise area of natural swimming pool called Isola Piana, with its long, walkable isthmus that connects the mainland. That truly is an unique experience and one of the most beautiful spots in Southern Corsica. At this point on the tour and depending on the weather conditions, it is possible to continue to Bonifacio Port or to return to Sardinia Coast. If the meteo-maritime conditions allow, you may experience a spectacular game of views navigating through the Nature Reserve passing along its massive cliffs entering the historical heart of Port of Bonifacio. Sometimes you get to see dolphins and it is also a home to marine tortoises.