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Where Pink Beaches are born...

Full Day

Full Days Boat or Yacht Excursions required for this unique Itinerary.

Departing from Porto Cervo, Poltu Quatu, Cannigione or from your favourite hotel positioned close to the mentioned areas. The Archipelago of La Maddalena is a geo marine park of uncontaminated nature and covers an area of 20,000 hectares between 60 islands and islets.

Here are the main highlight stops that we suggest in order to bring those memorable experiences during your boat or yacht holidays in Sardinia. 

First to stop is Spargi, an Island where various archeological findings took place including the rests of a second-century B.C. Roman ship that is now exposed at La Maddalena naval museum. Next stop, the Pink Beach located at further situated formation of Islands of Budelli, a UNESCO World Heritage site where the access on land or beyond the perimeter zone is protected and therefore forbidden. The name comes from the shoreline which is made up of a characteristic pink coral sand formed prevalently from calcareous shells. Here we are close to the so-called natural swimming pools of Manto della Madonna, natural lagoon formed in between those three islands: Budelli, Razzoli, and Santa Maria. The name Manto della Madonna comes from the incredibly transparent and intense blue waters in this area. It is a truly pristine natural pool. Island of La Maddalena is the archipelago’s main island carrying the same name. The municipality of La Maddalena is situated here. Also this boat trip includes a lunch stop of your choice and our suggestion. Island of La Maddalena and its beautiful picturesque Port offers a wide choice of typical restaurants and cafes together with tiny boutiques and shops. After this “wild” shopping and catering experience, captain will slowly head back to the coast making his final approach to Island of Caprera.  On the honour of famous Italian patriot - Giuseppe Maria Garibaldi a house and the museum was built here. The Caprera Island has no inhabitants despite being connected by a bridge with Island of La Maddalena.

The itineraries are subject to variations based on weather conditions or upon client request.



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